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Product‑Led Growth Collective

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The Product-Led Growth Collective is a community of people who believe in the power of PLG as a unifying business philosophy—empowering all teams to scale their functions through and within the product itself.

We believe that an outstanding customer experience has always been the key to success. But we also recognize that customer expectations are changing. Increasingly, people want to interact with your product, not your customer-facing teams. We see this as an opportunity.

We believe that your product is now the biggest lever of growth for your company. In other words, product-led is the future—and we're all headed there together. As a community, we can learn from one another and make the shift toward product-led growth more informed and more effective.

We are product-led.

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Founded by Appcues

Appcues founded the Product-Led Growth Collective in 2019 to create a space for growth-minded people to learn from one another and, well, grow together.

Folks like IBM, OpenTable, SendGrid, and Atlassian (and more than 1,200 others) use Appcues to become more product-led themselves—by improving key product metrics, saving thousands of hours of engineering time, and growing their businesses faster and more sustainably.

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